Dawson County School District

Dawson County School Mission & Vision:

  • Purpose...

To be an exemplary school district, with outstanding staff, that prepares students to compete globally.

  • Direction:

To provide quality instruction and student support in a nurturing environment that results in success for all.

  • Commitments:

The Dawson County School System is committed to the following:

  1. Graduation for all
  2. Providing a secure & nurturing/supportive learning environment
  3. Cultivating relationships with students, families, schools, & community
  4. Treating everyone with dignity & respect
  5. providing a challenging curriculum through researched-based, data-driven, differentiated instruction
  6. Providing extra-curricular activities and other opportunities, which develop positive personal growth
  7. Integrating current and emerging technologies to compete in the 21st Century

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